DesignByHumans – featured artist

A few weeks ago lovely people from DesignByHumans contacted me with a question if I wanted to be their featured artist!

Naturally, I said a big fat YES! and they sent me some weird interview questions I was happy to answer. I never really thought about a lot of things they asked me there… I had to figure out what my artwork would taste like and what to warn people about if suddenly they went “Freaky Friday” with me – I probably never would have thought about that stuff if it wasn’t for them 😀

As I work hard on my designs and put a lot of time, thought and love into them, so it feels amazing to be appreciated like this!

Anyway, long story short – this week (10th to 16th of July 2019) I am a very proud DesignByHumans featured artist! They say this about me: “If you are looking for a “blend of humorous cute and weird, grim, creepy, devilish stuff” then von Kowen’s designs are a perfect fit for you.”

You can read the full article in this DBH blog post: FEATURED ARTIST: VONKOWEN

I really love being a part of DBH community, both as a designer and as a customer. As an owner of a couple of shirts made my them (like this Vukojarac in the photo) and I am very satisfied with the quality of the shirt and the print!

You can shop in my Design by Humans store here: