I found more scam sites!

So I just spent a couple of hours on DMCAs… so what else is new? Anyway, I saw dumbass scam site INTELLIGETG is moving to INCREDIBLEK (told you, horrible suspicious names). I already wrote about how that’s their MO here, in THIS BLOG POST.

Today, I saw an interesting thing. They are always using the same mockups, but also the same URL slug! So I just searched Google for the slug hairless-cat-skull-printed-designer-t-shirt (that is my cosmic sphynx design), and I got a bunch of results for the more-or-less same pages that use same stolen artwork from me and other artists.

This is the list so far:










and obviously https://www.intelligentg.com/ and https://www.near2sky.com/

I am writing this so you as a shopper will know to avoid scam sites like these, and for my fellow artists to scroll through and see if these scam sites had stolen their IP.

Please share, don’t give these buttholes your money! I still believe, if we work together, we can one day put a stop to this!