INKSCAPE! – What it’s for and an interview ;)

Almost all my artwork is black and white vector designs created in an amazing open source software called Inkscape. I found out about it a few years ago when I was looking for a free alternative for Adobe Illustrator. I was just a beginner, my demo license has expired and I wasn’t sure I even like doing vector graphics and didn’t want to pay a lot for software I might not even use.

That is when I searched the web and found Inkscape. It took some time to get used to, I had to figure out some workarounds and different ways to achieve the things I wanted. I started slow, with designing some logos and going overboard with filters. Yeah, filters are so fun! Anyway, I thought I would use Inkscape to learn vector graphics and eventually get Illustrator, but now I wouldn’t change Inkscape for anything! And it just keeps getting better and better with every update 🙂

How I use Inkscape

It was just over a year ago I figured out how to make real vector illustrations and I think I have improved much in a small amount of time… For example, this is Nosferatu when I was just starting to get into vector art:


And this is Nosfeartu again, about four months after:

Well, they’re both older designs, but you get the point… Since then I have worked really hard to develop my own creepy vector art style that has a lot of cats, skulls and tentacles in it, and it looks like this:

Inkscape – draw freely.

I am also a member of the Facebook group called Inkscape – draw freely. which now has 11.5K members. The group is very well moderated and it is a great place to see what’s new with Inkscape, to ask for or offer help to other users or just feast your eyes on beautiful works of art created by others.

There was a competition recently where group members had to submit their designs for the new group cover art. As you may already know, I do enjoy entering contests and competitions and this time – I WON! I still can’t believe it, but my artwork is now the cover of this great FB group!

I don’t know why people voted for me, maybe they thought the INKtopus idea was interesting (Inkscape logo with tentacles), maybe it just stood out from the others, I will never know. There were some very cool entries and I am so proud to be chosen among all those great designers.

Anyway, since I won the contest, I had the honor to do an interview you can read on INKSCAPE.ORG