LOWBROW2 on Threadless

I like participating in Threadless design contests and when I saw the LOWBROW2 was open for entries – I was all over it! I think my designs can more or less, all be in the lowbrow art genre…

If you have a few moments to spare, please vote for my entries to the LOWBROW2 Threadless challenge! Here’s what I entered with:

ARIES – a part of my Zodiac series, the tentacle ram skull:

ARIES, a cool t-shirt design

DEATH AS A STRANGLER, inspired by an old memento mori woodcut by Alfed Rethel.

Death as a strangler, a cool t-shirt design

EYE SCREAM: Inspired by a fun short horror story “We all scream for ice-cream” by Lou Yardley – check out her work, I love everything this amazing woman writes – louyardley.com

EYE SCREAM, a cool t-shirt design

UNDEAD NIETZSCHE: God is dead, Nietzsche is undead. Nietzsche is a zombie!

Nietzsche Zombie, a cool t-shirt design

DANSE MACABRE – well, the dance of death is obviously an inspiration for this one… An ancient motive, it’s just my take on it.

Danse Macabre, a cool t-shirt design

GEMINI: also a part of my Zodiac series. I love skulls and tentacles, what can I say?

Gemini, a cool t-shirt design

CREEPY MERMAID: Mermaids were originally quite evil and scary… This one doesn’t sing around with fishes and lobsters…

Creepy mermaid, a cool t-shirt design

That’s it… I entered the Cat priest, Pizza demon and Cathulhu, but the voting ended on those three…

I also have an ARTIST SHOP on threadless and you can check it out here: VONKOWEN.THREADLESS.COM