I put a spell on you…

There is another great Threadless called “I put a spell on you”! Well, you do know I enjoy the magic and witchy things, so I was all over this challenge, with 13 designs this time… Yeah, 13 😉 read more

Terry The Ghoul

I went a little Terry crazy lately!!! It all started when I created a skull that looked like it’s smiling. Later, I added some eyeballs, I gave the creature a cool shirt and I named him Terry The Ghoul. read more

The Fake Tarot Artworks

My great plan was to design my own tarot deck based on the Rider-Waite tarot deck. But, as I made a couple and realized it will be very boring to repeat someone else’s work, I started to experiment with the tarot card designs… read more

INKSCAPE! – What it’s for and an interview ;)

Almost all my artwork is black and white vector designs created in an amazing open source software called Inkscape. I found out about it a few years ago when I was looking for a free alternative for Adobe Illustrator. I was just a beginner, my demo license has expired and I wasn’t sure I even like doing vector graphics and didn’t want to pay a lot for software I might not even use. read more

LOWBROW2 on Threadless

I like participating in Threadless design contests and when I saw the LOWBROW2 was open for entries – I was all over it! I think my designs can more or less, all be in the lowbrow art genre… read more