Terry The Ghoul

I went a little Terry crazy lately!!! It all started when I created a skull that looked like it’s smiling. Later, I added some eyeballs, I gave the creature a cool shirt and I named him Terry The Ghoul.

Terry the Ghoul is a weird combo of the grim reaper and a zombie, and he’s kinda silly. I have made some dark humor designs featuring him… and it looks like I’m not stopping! He even has his own Instagram hashtag now: #TerryTheGhoul

Anyway, design after design, I learn more about Terry… here’s how he came to be and what we know about him so far:

The Smiling Skull

This is the original skull. I wanted to make something grim and evil-looking, but the skull just kept smiling at me, so I made it into a kinda funny design:

The Eyeball

Well, I liked the skull, so decided to ad some eyeballs into the design. It ended up being another punny design, EYE FIVE! Yes, I know it’s kind of a lame dad joke, but I’m kinda lame too!

The Mohawk

For some reason, I loved the horn mohawk. It seems Terry can grow horns like humans grow hair. That is quite a fascinating ability if you ask me!

What we know about Terry The Ghoul

Well, that was how Terry became real. He is quite a character, and I’m finding out so much about his personality as time goes on…

Like, he absolutely loves pears, as we can see in this (yes, again punny) Death and This Pear illustration:

He’s a little anxious, but nothing that a little extreme acupuncture can’t solve:

He has fat cat, called Frankie. They do love each other and enjoy playing with Terry’s eyeballs. Eyeballs are fun!

Terry LOVES reading books! His favorite are horror novels from indie authors and Harry Potter. He just wishes people would read more books…

Coffee is great, Terry starts every morning with his cup of coffee. But don’t ever give him decaf, he might get super angry!

Humans might be gross, but a ghoul’s gotta eat! Terry’s grandma makes him finish the whole plate of people every time… he hates it 🀒

Terry is a very cool ghoul. Super down to earth and so zen that he grew a third eye. He’s really ZEN AS FUCK:

Inverted Bonetagram

I have even designed Terry a shirt, and it’s his absolute favorite. He wears the Inverted Bonetagram shirt almost every day! I even made a version of the inverted bonetagram design in von Kowen style, just for you. This one has Terry’s eyeball in the middle:

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