…this will never stop

First of all, THANK YOU to all of the people who contacted me about various scam sites using my art without permission. Unfortunately, they got their filthy hands on my work an will abuse it probably forever.

I fell very helpless and angry, and all I can really do is spread the word and warn people about sites like these.

Latest buttholes, who stole 20+ of m artworks are called “NEAR2SKY.COM” and yes, it is a stupid name like I’ve had trouble with before – preciyous, intelligentg, forumcya, incrediblek… damn…

I made a little video showcasing my work featured on that stupid scam site.

Anyway, I promised to make the DMCA template I use downloadable, maybe it will be helpful.

Feel free to download it. I have no idea if it is “official”, I am not a lawyer… I’ve sent quite a lot of them and it worked and so I guess it is OK. Serves the purpose.

Also, feel free to share the word about asshole scam sites like these, I’d hate it if you gave them your hard earned money. They deserve eternal damnation, not support.