Yes, I love entering Threadless challenges, and this one looked very natural to me! I LOVE gross stuff!

Anyway, I entered this challenge with a few designs, it would be so cool if you gave them a vote <3 I never expect to win, but hey – I can’t win if I don’t try! So here – check out my entries and hit that 5 button 😉

Eyeball and mushroom evil pizza inspired by tarot cards and fast food.

The Pizza, a cool t-shirt design

Monster hearts that are very much in love and they wish to hold tentacles forever. Strange love, isn’t it?

Monster Hearts, a cool t-shirt design

This zombie thinks you’re dumb…

Zombie thinks you're dumb, a cool t-shirt design

I see there’s a lowbrow challenge almost open… I am so going to enter that with a bunch of designs! I mean, all my artwork can be considered low-brow, right?

Meanwhile, you can check out my Threadless artist shop:

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