Vectorising Kafkaesque

I recently remembered to hit “RECORD” while I was working on a new vector design in Inkscape. The result is a timelapse video I uploaded on Youtube, featuring some awesome music by a Croatian band called Zlobnik. It took me a whole day to render video, but I did it! Yaaay! I’m quite happy with the outcome!


Back in 2016 I drew a charcoal doodle of a handsome lady that is part cockroach, part spider inspired and she is in a sort of pinup pose. I called the sketch KAFKA2016, because it was obviously inspired by Kafka’s Metamorphosis. This lady is super proud of her bizarre, nightmarish appearance:


I started working on this girl back in August, but finished her in November. Ahhh, some things happened, new ideas came by, Inktober was crazy this year and she kinda collected dust in the WIP folder. It was time for her to meet the world in vector form, and this is how that looks like:

This is actually 5-6 hours of work in 5 minutes! I love watching other’s time-lapse videos, so it was about time I made one myself!

As I mentioned before, I do all my vector designs in Inkscape, it’s a free software for vector designs, and you can find out more about it (and download it) here: INKSCAPE.ORG

If you love this song as much as I do, go get the whole album on Zlobnik’s Bandcamp:


Yaaay, Kafkaesque design is finished and this is how it looks like:

She is a nightmare, but even kinda gorgeous in her own weird and macabre way… When I finished her, I uploaded the Kafkaesque to my official shops. Buy her on cool stuff like shirts, bags, pins, mugs, even shower curtains! You’re very welcome to visit my shops, check out my art and of course, support me by buying a little weird something from my shops:

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