What’s on my playlist? /June,2019/

Since music often inspires me to make art, I figured I could do a monthly blog post about a few artists and their albums. I’ll try and keep it short, like 3-5 albums max, the ones that are on repeat on my playlist!

P.S. I like to listen to the whole album, rather than just songs. I think albums tell a whole story and listening to just one song is like reading a random paragraph from it. 

Rotting Christ – The Heretics

It’s no secret that I love this band, I even made some fan art and a shirt design inspired by their song! You can check out my shops to see the ΧΞΣ (666) the Number of the Beast t-shirt design I did…

They released their 13th full-length album “The Heretics” in February this year, and I can’t get enough of it! 

In case you do not know about the band, Rotting Christ was formed in 1987. They created what is known as the “classic” Greek black metal sound. Since then, they have become more and more “atmospheric” and “epic”. Recent albums have shown a more modern, faster and more aggressive approach to their blackened-gothic style.

For now, after listening to the album like 20 times, Ветры злые (Vetry Zlye) is my favorite track. Also, The Raven was a nice surprise when it came out, I’m so glad they put their epic music to Poe’s wonderful lyrics… 

Zlobnik – Zlobnik

You probably don’t know about these guys, but you should! They are a black/death metal band from Šibenik, Croatia. I downloaded their first album Zlobnik from Bandcamp some time ago, and I just can’t get enough of it!

The whole album is in Croatian. That is actually quite rare to hear, and I always thought my language is super weird for metal, but these guys make it work! 

Maybe it’s because they’re around my age or listened to similar music or grew up in similar surrounding as me, but they’ve made an album I fell “at home” with. I rarely love an album at first listen, but this one I did.

Go check it out and download it here:

Burzum – Filosofem

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the second wave of black metal, but I love listening to this album while working on new designs. This is obviously not typical fast, aggressive black metal, but it is very atmospheric and weirdly beautiful. I love weirdly beautiful things.

Filosofem is the fourth studio album by Norwegian BM solo project Burzum. It was recorded in March 1993 and was the last recording before Varg Vikernes’ imprisonment.

Blasting Filosofem on my headphones and working on artwork puts me at ease. It lets me forget about everything else going on around me. It’s a great feeling and I’ll always keep getting back to this album. 

I usually prefer fancy sounding records, but sometimes you don’t need super awesome production or get extra technical to make a great album. I mean – this one’s basically potato quality and it’s loved by many, including me. Can’t put my finger on why exactly that is, I guess it’s how it makes me feel when I listen to it.

Slavic AffairsPagania

Also something I love to listen while working. The album was created as an experiment of playing with various old instruments and sounds. The purpose is to bring the listener to the time of our forefathers.

Also weirdly beautiful music, maybe it’s not for everybody, but I just adore old Slavic folk music. A lot of people like going to clubs, dancing and I’d rather hear gusle, diple and people singing ganga/rera/ojkavica and drink some rakija! Hearing these old instruments in a modern arrangement just makes me happy!

I listen to this kind of pagan and folk music often. I found the Pagania album on YouTube, like a lot of that kind of music. Maybe it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it very much!

I could write about music I love all day, but I decided to keep the list shorter. Well, I’ll do this again in July – it’s kinda fun!