I found more scam sites!

So I just spent a couple of hours on DMCAs… so what else is new? Anyway, I saw dumbass scam site INTELLIGETG is moving to INCREDIBLEK (told you, horrible suspicious names). I already wrote about how that’s their MO here, in THIS BLOG POST. read more

…this will never stop

First of all, THANK YOU to all of the people who contacted me about various scam sites using my art without permission. Unfortunately, they got their filthy hands on my work an will abuse it probably forever. read more

This is my art…

…and you can’t use it

Lately, a lot of people/shops/brands have been using my Surreal Death Moth art without my knowledge or permission. Usually, it is scam shops from China and I can’t actually do anything about it. Sometimes it’s just people who probably don’t know any better. Copyright infringement sucks. read more

I’m on AMAZON!

So apparently, there is a thing called Kindle Direct Publishing – or KDP short. This platform allows you to self publish books, and Amazon takes care of production and distribution. read more

Threadless Artist Shop from a seller POV

I have had my Threadless Artist Shop for about a year and a half now. It is the last big POD site I joined, it was the most confusing but definitely a fun one! I enjoy being a part of the Threadless community, I love the quality of their products and all the different features they have… I’m going to tell you a bit about my experience there and some stuff I figured out along the way… read more

About Redbubble…

What to expect and my experience on the RB platform

I have been on Redbubble since December 2017 and it is my first”serious” print-on-demand site. If you’re looking to get into the print of demand business, Redbubble is an excellent place to start, because it is one of the giants in the industry, has a very good product line and a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. read more

Vectorising Kafkaesque

I recently remembered to hit “RECORD” while I was working on a new vector design in Inkscape. The result is a timelapse video I uploaded on Youtube, featuring some awesome music by a Croatian band called Zlobnik. It took me a whole day to render video, but I did it! Yaaay! I’m quite happy with the outcome! read more

Let’s make these shoes a reality!!!

OK! Making shoe design on an old laptop is super challenging, but I just LOVE TO DO IT! Because it takes me a while to do it, I only made 3 different shoe designs so far – they are available in my Threadless artist shop: vonkowen.threadless.com/mens/shoes … But that’s not what I want to talk about right now… read more

I put a spell on you…

There is another great Threadless called “I put a spell on you”! Well, you do know I enjoy the magic and witchy things, so I was all over this challenge, with 13 designs this time… Yeah, 13 😉 read more